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Jeff is passionate about helping others achieve their fitness goals.
““I hired Jeff for personal training, because I was looking to add personalized strength training to my workout regimen.  Jeff has an extensive background in sports and fitness. I knew his experience and knowledge could take my body to another level. Jeff pushes my body beyond what I think I... Read More
All I need to worry about is showing and I know I’ll get a great workout.
“Working out with Jeff is different than any other workout I’ve done. Everyday, Jeff comes to workouts with new movements, a great attitude, and genuine interest about his clients. You are NOT just another transaction in his workday. Everyday is different. All I need to worry about is showing and... Read More
Jeff is the man hands down!!!
“Jeff is the man hands down!!! I have seen a dramatic transformation in my body and all-around performance since I started training with Jeff. He pushed me to the point where I thought my potential was and beyond. He motivates me to do my best and has taught me how... Read More
Jeff has a thorough understanding of human anatomy and exercise physiology.
“Jeff has a thorough understanding of human anatomy and exercise physiology.  He understands how the body moves and functions and is passionate about fitness.  He is able to blend his knowledge and motivation into a planned program and is always there to provide me with feedback and offer support and... Read More
With Jeff’s help I’ve lost weight and gained strength and endurance.
“I recently moved to Tampa, FL from New York City. I am a 58 year old retired NYC Civil Servant. I did shift work for 28 1/2 years, the last 6 years of my career were working the grave yard shift. My body was stiff, sore and cold from getting... Read More
In the first six months I lost 59 pounds, my muscles were full and growing along with my confidence.
“When I met Jeff I was in a bad place, a serious funk. I was a collegiate  athlete and after I graduated I completely let myself go. Jeff sat me down, we set goals, and he held me to my commitments I set for myself that first day. In the... Read More
Jeff is an extremely motivating and supportive trainer.
“Jeff is an extremely motivating and supportive trainer. His positive approach to training makes it easy to work hard and be willing to try new things. Jeff has never given up on me and continues to challenge me each session. Beyond offering fabulous workouts, Jeff is always willing to lend... Read More
He is a great motivator!
“I have been working with Jeff for nearly 5 years. We have focused on strength training and cardio. I am stronger, have more endurance, and my flexibility has improved significantly. Jeff is very professional and an excellent listener. He is a great motivator! We have a very good relationship and... Read More
He made exercising fun again!
““I started working with Jeff a year and a half ago. I wanted to get a personal trainer in preparation for my wedding so I could look and feel my best for my special day. He not only helped me reach my goal weight but also made exercising fun again.... Read More
Jeff changed my life!
“When I met Jeff I was living on frozen dinners and the elliptical.  Not going to lie, I was intimidated by the whole personal trainer thing but after the first workout I was hooked.  Jeff changed my life – eating habits, strength, endurance, confidence, outlook on fitness and the list goes on.... Read More
Jeff is passionate at seeing results for his trainees.
“Jeff is an exceptional personal trainer.  Jeff was my personal trainer for around 3 years while I traveled to Tampa on business regularly. He quickly assessed my abilities and overall health and designed a program to meet my personal goals. He has a deep training knowledge which was evident by... Read More
His energy is contagious!
“Jeff is the first personal trainer I have ever had. I have worked out with him for a little over 4 years. He changes the workout every time, makes it challenging, and fun even at 5 o’clock in the morning. Jeff is always engaged and genuinely interested in you as... Read More
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