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Jeff changed my life!

Amber's JC Fitness Story
  • July 2, 2015
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When I met Jeff I was living on frozen dinners and the elliptical.  Not going to lie, I was intimidated by the whole personal trainer thing but after the first workout I was hooked.  Jeff changed my life – eating habits, strength, endurance, confidence, outlook on fitness and the list goes on. He challenged me beyond what I thought I was capable of and made it fun while doing it. I was scared to attempt a 36″ box jump – landed (with some laughs). I never thought I would be able to do a full push up – conquered. Or have cut abs – achieved. Training with Jeff is an experience, not a workout you dread. He always has something up his sleeve, incrementally pushing me without me even realizing it and we never do the same workout twice. Some of my favorites come with a mischievous chuckle and “I’ve got a good one for YOU today” :) Then when you feel like you just can’t do that last rep, he has a magic way of making you want to and you own it! I think it’s because he genuinely cares about his clients which makes you want to work harder. Have I mentioned the results? Best shape of my life! I love Jeff, love the workouts (as challenging as some may be) and love the results! Jeff is an amazing trainer, teacher and life changer! Thanks for being the best trainer EVER, Jeff!

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